I would really like to Narrate your book for you! But I understand that many authors will wish to narrate their own work, and why not, it can be a lot of fun!

So with this is mind I have created a support package that will help you create an amazing audiobook without the need to fork out on expensive audio equipment and without needing to spend hours scratching your head about how to get your audio within the technical requirements for audible and other audiobook platforms.

You can hear a sample of a recent remote recording we have made here 

Heres how it works…

1) The Space
Getting your space sounding right – People don’t realise that space is everything when it comes to recording high quality audiobooks. You can have the best mic and recording software in the world but if your recording in the kitchen it will sound bad.
We will send you a small portable recording booth for use in your home, you can sit in it and you will feel snug and cosy whilst recording, and best of all it will make you sound awesome. You will receive support and instructions on how to put the booth together. Its no harder than erecting a tent and much easier than Ikea furniture!
2) The equipment.
Along with your recording booth we will post you all the audio equipment you need and the instructions to set your lovely space up with a microphone, computer and all the other equipment you need to record.
3) Remote recording
In order to record and edit your work you have to learn to use a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), such as Logic Pro x, Cubase, ADOBE Audition, Studio One or Reaper. Learning any of these programmes is a time consuming business, but with remote recording you don’t have to! I will connect to you in your booth over the internet using state of the art software and all you have to do is read. The software allows me to record you in high quality audio. This is not like a Skype or Zoom call. I will monitor your recording and edit out any issues as we go.
4) Performance Direction
Audio quality is important but a high quality recording of a bad performance will not sell your books. As I work with you remotely I will give you hints and tips that will improve your performance.
5) Mastering
After we have finished the recording we will clean up all the audio, removing any unwanted sounds and making sure everything is to specification for audible et al.
6) Getting it out there. We will support you through the process of listing your Audiobook with ACX, Findaway, Spoken Realms or any other audiobook distribution platform.

Loan and set up of recording booth and audio equipment – £250 per week + £200 deposit
Remote recording/Editing – £50 per hour
Mastering – £45 per hour of audio

Estimated total cost for a 5hr book assuming we record 20 minutes of recorded audio per hour would be £1225.00. The more we record per hour the lower the cost to you.